Top Five Points You Should Consider On Your Swingers Profile

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There are five main points that you should consider on your swinger profile. You will find that when you are creating a profile that there are certain bits of information you should make public right off the bat.


Your Picture

Be sure that your picture is recent and is a good representation of what you actually look like. Remember, the people you are interested in are going to be seeing you eventually.


Your Expectations

It is a good idea for you to let everybody know straight away what it is that you are looking for. If you want someone that you can swing with regularly, let them know. If you are only looking for a one time swinging partner, then make it known.


What You’ll Do

There are some swingers that will do more sexually than others. It is important that you let the people looking at your profile know what you will and what you won’t do. This will prevent any type of confusion or awkward moments later.


What You Like

If you have any fetishes or things that you will expect to do, then you need to make a point to let people know. This will weed out the people that aren’t interested in what you are right away. There is no need to hide what it is that you are interested in if it is what you will expect from all of your swinging partners.


Your Status

If you are part of a swinging couple or hope to be, then it needs to be known. You will find that a lot of swingers will want to know this right off the bat. 

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